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Entry #1

My new account.

2008-10-24 20:53:05 by Xydonyus

I changed my music artist name, so I decided to make a new NG account, my old one is DJAirWave.


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2008-10-24 21:39:33

welcome to NG

Xydonyus responds:

I've been on NG for a while, just changed the account.


2008-11-05 06:24:59

lol, 3 names and 2 accounts ^^
Guess youll have to make a new one now :P

Xydonyus responds:

I can make my way around that lol


2008-12-26 19:08:48

Hi Nexus or DJAirWave ^-^

Xydonyus responds:

Hi lol