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Quitting Newgrounds.

2009-01-01 23:29:37 by Xydonyus

Hate the people here, end of story.

Leaving this post up for 48 hours then I'm closing this account.


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2009-01-01 23:35:15

could i have it as an alt?

i mean,if u dont change ur mind...


2009-01-02 00:25:22

Alright bye whoever you are.


2009-01-02 00:26:01

btw u can't delete ur own account

you have to pm an admin

Xydonyus responds:

well then i will


2009-01-02 00:30:46

oh please, m a nice guy. wont you stay for all the nice people like me here? i hate seeing people leave, even if weve never talked, i feel as if everyone (gay homo asshole spammers not included) here is family. dont leave the family.

please reconsider,


2009-01-02 00:57:59

sigh dont leave you do than you will gain no respect not to be mean but you know taking the easy way out is is just stupid man i i don't know you but still... i care!
and i know you don't!!!!!!!

Xydonyus responds:

It's not like I'm leaving he internet. I'm just moving to Soundclick.


2009-01-02 01:11:57

btw i left comments on both havoc's so yeah...


2009-01-02 01:30:56

^_^ dandy then,buh by xydo ^_^
come back soon ^_^


2009-01-02 01:55:16

You haven't even seen the worst people of Newgrounds...The Mods of the Forum...

anyways, I wish you the best.

Xydonyus responds:

Right now I'm thinking about whether I should leave or not.


2009-01-02 10:11:23

dude just cuz i dident like havok impact refined dosent mean call some one dumb ass!!!!! plus i listen to new techno EVERY DAY! All 13 years of my life ive listened to techno i love techno i mean some of your songs are good make more!

Xydonyus responds:

I'm not leaving because of your opinion. I'm leaving because of the accusations of plagerism.


2009-01-02 10:18:20

dont quit!!!!! you shold make more remixes theyre really goood and like that person said we re family sorry bout that thing with havok refined but the world is mine is goood id vote a 10000000000002222 /100000 for it!


2009-01-02 20:17:22

I'll stay. I'll delete this post in a few hours.


2009-01-03 00:21:09

guess wat? im leavin newgrounds to there all assholes here...